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Bedding & Pointing

Make sure your roof stays strong & looking at its best with our Roof re-bedding and re-pointing service


Repointing and rebedding are essentially two of the most common roof restoration processes. The bedding is done by utilizing the cement mortar that glues the tiles to the roofing structure, holding it intact. The pointing imbibes the flexible material which is serving as a second layer of protection. There is a contraction and expansion of the structure with the changing conditions. The pointing is not only protecting the cemented bedding from the climatic elements but it also imparts roofing a clean, fresh, and finished aesthetics.

Our specialists carry out preliminary roof bedding and pointing inspection

Roof Bedding and Pointing

Our team of roof rebedding specialists carries out the removal of the existing, as well as the old bedding and pointing replaces the same with a completely new mortar, for ensuring that your roof stays strong and looking at its best. Also, our experienced roof repointing technicians will be conducting the inspection and carries out the necessary repairs or replacement of the pointing on almost all types of roofing structures.

Trust our roofing specialists for all your roof repointing and re-bedding needs

In case, you notice that the roofing tiles or ridge cap have been damaged, then it will be a warning that your roof requires repointing and rebedding. This is something that is highly recommended to be done after every 10 years for preventing out the growth of molds and possibly giving extra years of life to your roof. With extensive experience in the industry, you can simply trust our professionals for best-in-class roof re-bed and point solutions for maintaining your roof in the optimum conditions for many years to come.

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